“Reform means change. Change can be uncomfortable and resisted. Healthy organisations have all changed at some point in their existence. Importantly, the history of organisational and cultural change points to the character and action of leaders as being the most significant element in achieving successful cultural change. The core requirement of such leadership is the development and nurturing of culture through the alignment of organizational values and mission. But it is complex as it requires bringing together a body of humans with all sorts of differing personal, spiritual, theological and community values so as to understand and commit to a mission that gives meaning and purpose to why they are together.
In our recent text “Leadership in a Synodal Church” (2021), we have stressed the importance of the formation and development of Church leaders around synodal characteristics at all levels of the faith community.”

‘Leadership in a Synodal Church’ which was named Garratt Publishing’s 2021 Book of the Year. The book grew from the inspirational call of Pope Francis to reform and renewal within the Catholic church; it was shaped by the authors’ experience in the study, teaching and practice of leadership in Catholic education over decades.

Presenters: Honorary Professors Charles Burford and Anne Benjamin