• Be understanding and patient. We all come from different threads of the tapestry of life. Listen and seek to clarify and understand.
  • Think before we speak or post. We respect diversity of views, cultures, beliefs, and seek to speak our truth and listen with a humble, open heart to the experience of others.
  • Be attentive and helpful. Answer questions in a timely manner when we can, and provide thoughts and suggestions that might open new pathways to the enquirer.
  • Consider use of humour. What might be funny to me may be offensive to another. If in doubt, please check first.
  • Keep our language language clean and polite.
  • Refrain from attacking a public figure of group in the church or society. While respectful discussion is welcome, direct attacks are not. If you are unsure, please check first.
  • Privacy – Do not post personal contact information of yourself or others. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, serial numbers, IMEIs, account information and addresses. If you wish to contact another member, please send them a private message. This is for your protection. We reserve the right to remove this information from public view immediately to protect our members.
  • If you believe you are experiencing an unhealthy or unsafe environment, please contact our support team immediately.

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