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Are there discounts available? Can I offer a registration as a gift to a colleague?

Yes and yes! We recognise the challenges faced by some of our pastoral community settings. We welcome confidential enquiries and do not want the cost to be a barrier to experiencing Alive in the Spirit. Offering a registration as a gift to a colleague is another great idea, and again, simply contact us for an easy way to make this happen.

Why does my receipt say "Bright Consultancy"?

Bright Consultancy is the name of the Paypal account associated with Alive in the Spirit.

We registered as a group. When do we receive our additional log ins?

One you register, you will receive an email with instructions regarding how to set up additional login and password accounts. Group registrations receive ten individual logins.

My payment didn't go through. What do I do now?

You will be contacted in the next few days with advice on how to proceed.

Do I have to register for workshops?

Our workshops are on demand, meaning they are ALL available once you register. Which means you can watch whichever workshop you like, when you like. No registering for workshops required. And because all workshops are available until December 2021, you can enjoy all of them during that time!

Do I need Zoom to participate?

You don’t need zoom or an account with a third party site to participate in Alive in the Spirit. If you have a phone or computer that can access the internet, you just have to click on the links within the site and it will take you to what you want to watch. You won’t have to log in to or dial in to zoom sessions unless you would like to participate in one of the networking opportunities or connect with a workshop presenter.

Am I able to download workshops to use with small groups?

We appreciate that in some settings, internet connections are not what we would hope. However, we also need to protect the intellectual property of those who have gifted us with their wisdom. For this reason, we are not making the videos downloadable as we would then lose control of the asset. Please reach out to the individual workshopper if you have a special request.

What happens to the site after December?

Many people want to offer a parish renewal in 2022, hopeful that their community will have emerged from the worst of the pandemic. We are currently exploring possibilities. Part of the challenge is the ongoing costs to maintain the website and the other consideration is honouring our commitment to our workshoppers to make the videos available to them after the end of the year. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.

Are there transcripts available of the keynote talks?

We are chatting with the keynote presenters about the availability of transcripts. In the meantime, hopefully having the video resource available until Christmas allows you to revisit a talk, and pause to jot down a particular pearl of wisdom. Slides are also available from Richard Lennan’s and Leisa Anslinger’s presentations.

When I try to watch a keynote speaker, all I get is a countdown clock. What am I doing wrong?

The keynote sessions currently are the recordings of the original event, so they include the countdown clock. Start playing video then scroll forward to the point you want to start watching. We are in the process of editing current recordings to offer a version only showing the keynote. However, we will keep a version with the countdown clock for use by groups and communities.

What happens if I have forgotten my password or am unable to log in?

Please remember passwords are case sensitive. You can reset your password, or if you are still having trouble, please contact us (see below) and we can assist.

Why am I not receiving any notifications or newsletters after I register?

Please check your spam or junk email. Failing that, please advise our help team via the email below. 

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Thank you for your interest in Alive in the Spirit!

Our Ministry Resource and Community Hub offers the following key benefits:

  • 40+ workshop opportunities
  • Liturgy and Prayer Spaces
  • Exhibitors
  • Online community networking
  • And much more!

All for the price of AU$40 for individual registration and AU$200 for group registration.


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